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FAQ of The C.A.T.

Upright Scooter Trike

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FAQ Finally!
What is the C.A.T.?
Compact Adult Tricycle is a new alternative in energy efficient transportation for the 21st century.

How fast is the C.A.T.?
On a flat surface with a 2oolb person on board, the C.A.T. has been timed at 16mph. (This will vary with rider and weight)

What kind of battery and how long does the battery last?
There are four 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries that lasts between 300 and 400 charges.

Do I need a license to ride the C.A.T.?
No. In most locations it is treated as a personal mobility device, which does not require licensing. However, local laws vary, so consult your authorities.

How much does it weigh?
Approximately 93lbs.

Where's the motor?
In the front wheel. It is a 350 watt direct current, brushless motor that is used in of electric bikes, motorcycles and scooters around the world.

How do I use the C.A.T.?
Operating Instructions:
Start off slow to minimize spinning the front wheel.
Always keep weight forward.
Do not lean back.
Slow down for dips, speed bumps etc.

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